Temporary Gas Supply

When your normal supply of industrial gases is unable to meet the flow, pressure or temperature of your temporary requirements or your supply has been interrupted, Yateem Oxygen Co. can help address your temporary supply needs.

Our national distribution network of service centers and liquid plants enables us to deliver Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen, in either liquid or gaseous form whenever and wherever you need service. With a fleet of pumpers, vaporizers, transports and tube trailers, nearly any combination of pressure temperature and flow rate can be supplied for hours, days or months.

We are capable of offering supply alternatives to refineries, chemical plants, pipelines, and more – to keep your systems operating safely whether you’re experiencing unexpected supply disruptions, difficulty meeting short term demand, or unusually high production rates.

Concrete Cooling

With our mobile nitrogen pumping equipment, Yateem Oxygen Co. has the ability to provide a turnkey concrete-cooling service on-site at almost any location with proven reliability critical to any concrete-cooling operations.

Traditional liquid nitrogen cooling systems require a permanent or semi-permanent cement base to anchor injection arms. Our system is self-contained and we do not need to lay a foundation. After the nitrogen injection project is over, the Yateem Oxygen nitrogen delivery system is easily removed, returning the job site to its original condition.

We can provide liquid nitrogen for your most challenging concrete cooling requirements, temperature specifications during high heat conditions, and other pour jobs in need of concrete cooling, such as caps and columns, bridge decks and power plants have all been poured using liquid nitrogen.

Nitrogen for Pipeline Freezing

Often, as part of a hydro-test, line freezing is required to isolate specific sections of piping. Yateem Oxygen Co. can provide the equipment, liquid nitrogen, and manpower to safely assist with almost any line freezing requirements.

Nitrogen Cleaning and Target Testing

We offer Power Plants a safe, cost effective alternative to natural gas, for cleaning and target testing. Using our mobile nitrogen pumping units, we are able to provide a continuous flow of nitrogen that will ensure that momentum (velocity) specifications are satisfied, while avoiding potential dangerous ignitions and time delays associated with the use of natural gas.

Carbon Dioxide Services

When your operation calls for CO2 gas or liquid – Yateem Oxygen Co. can supply your requirements. As the largest industrial gases company in Bahrain, our resources ensure the CO2 you need, when and where you need it.